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In-Touch Science

In-Touch Science is a series of hands-on experiences that help children in grades three through five link the science they study to the science they live. The program encourages exploration and allows time for children to think and talk about what they observe. Adult facilitators guide the activities and conversation while doing the activities with the children. In-Touch Science includes these publications:

  • In-Touch Science: Chemistry and Environment
  • In-Touch Science: Fibers and Animals
  • In-Touch Science: Plants and Engineering
  • In-Touch Science: Foods and Fabrics

Each publication contains 10 paired activities -- five in one discipline and five in another field of study. Children do the activities and then search for the science connection. Understanding a science concept in one activity (one discipline) and applying it in the second activity (second discipline) helps youth identify that same concept in other situations.

In-Touch Science was designed for non-school informal settings such as 4-H clubs, community clubs, scouts, after-school enrichment and science centers. It has also been used successfully in home schooling and elementary schools. Children from diverse backgrounds have used these curricula. Special effort was made to test and pilot these materials with girls, Native Americans and youth with special needs.

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ITS: Foods and Fabrics 1996 (SACC-GIAC)

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ITS: Foods and Fabrics 1996 (4-H Club)

In-Touch Science is sponsored in part by the National Science Foundation. Site-Related Questions?